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Gadulka is String-bow folk instrument with large sound abilities. It is produced from locust tree, sycamore, walnut wood, etc.

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Gadoulka (gadulka) is a Slavonic stringed instrument without a fingerboard as it is in the current violin. Strings are not with one and the same length and the same height. The first string is the lowest, the second is longer and higher and the third is the highest. Usually gadulkas have three of four strings. In some there are further, thinner metallic strings conforming to the tones, which are played on the instrument with fingers. The folk gadulka player calls these strings under-sounds that make resonance. Their purpose is to resonate on tones which in the gadulka sound more deafly and not clearly. As playing on a violin fingers press the strings against the fingerboard still in difference, playing on gadulka without a fingerboard, fingers, instead of playing onto the strings, touch them with nails. The sonority of gadulka in comparison, with the sonority of violin is more quiet and deafer, but more pleasant. Possibilities of tones are from "sol" on the little octave still "re" on the second octave.