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Dear customers, due to unforeseen technical problems in our production,
Your orders will be further delayed!
Thank you for the understanding!
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To contact our sales consultants: 032/940578, 0888299900, 0888434181 or e-mail:
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General terms and conditions for electronic shopping from the web site "Melli-M" Ltd.
To shop in the online store of Melli-M Ltd., you must register as a user or make your order as a guest. Registration is completely free. As a registered customer, you have the opportunity to use all the services of the store.
In order to shop as a GOST in the internet shop of Melli-M Ltd. you should fill in the following necessary data:
-telefon for connection;
-direct contact address
-additional address for delivery of the order;
-valid email / Your email will only be used to inform you of your order /
The e-shop of Meli-M Ltd. / fashion house MISS MATCH / offers the following payment methods:
- Charge with OPTION & TEST - only for available products!
In this case, the value of the purchased product or products, as well as delivery, is paid to the courier. In case of a cash payment, the client should send a request to the following e-mail address: or The application should contain the following information:
-telefon for connection;
-direct contact address
-additional address for delivery of the order;
-valid e-mail
-the product with the appropriate code or description it wishes to purchase;
-specific product dimensions from our sizing table
Canceled payment option is only used for goods that have been pre-specified to be in stock.
Items are shipped with the REVIEW & TEST option, where the customer can accept or decline the item.
In the event the customer DISCONTINUES the shipment, he / she has to pay only the transport costs.
In the event the customer accepts the shipment, he / she then has no right to claim and replace the product.
 Payment by:
* Easy Pay / Easy /
* (credit card)
Customer Number (KIN): 5239040978
to receive payments from
- Meli-M Ltd. accepts payments via bank cards
Visa, Visa Elecrtron and MasterCard
Additional shopping security with these cards gives the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode options, which you can find at and
When paying with a bank card, the customer enters the details of his bank card and makes the payment due.
 Validate credit card
All credit / debit card holders are subject to verification and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of your card refuses to pay or for any reason does not authorize payment, you will be notified immediately.
When checking a request for ordered goods or services, we may use your information to prevent and detect fraud. One of the reasons why we can disclose your address and zip code is to check an IMRG alert or security alert or other anti-fraud scheme. At any time when we disclose your information, it will remain protected. If you believe that your data is not correct, you may correct it in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
 Card data protection
During the authentication process, shop staff does not have access to the content of confidential data exchanged between the cardholder and the bank, regardless of the fact that the transaction takes place on the store's website. To prevent fraud, Visa or MasterCard, we apply the best practices recommended by international card organizations:
The security of the card data is secured through an SSL connection between our server and the payment processor server.
The authenticity of your card is verified by entering a CVV code
In addition, for your validation as a legitimate cardholder, our payment server supports Visa and MasterCard - Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode authentication schemes if you are registered to use them.
Bank transfer through the Pay Pal electronic payment system.
All prices include VAT.
Next to the photo and the description of each product is the button ADD TO CART. Pressing this button saves the selected product in your virtual shopping cart. The contents of the basket are retained until you decide to switch to purchase. You can browse the contents of the basket, add new products, or remove those you do not want.
The price quoted is for one number, including VAT and does not include the shipping price of the address you specify.
After you have specified the delivery address, the type and number of the ordered products and you have seen the price with the included delivery, click on the CONFIRM button.
After that, your action, the information you gave to the order is routed to an operator and processed.
You will automatically receive your e-mail with the products described, their number, sizes, price, address and payment method, as well as your order number.
If you have questions or wish to specify details of your order, call our GSM 0888 29 99 00 and 032/940578
The opening hours of our operators are from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.
Orders received until 16: 00h are processed on the same day, made after 16: 00h on the next business day.
Our operators contact the customer for confirmation of the order specified on the order or receive confirmation of the e-mail address specified in the order.
If you made a payment and have not received confirmation from us, you should let us know on the following phones:
032/940578, 0888299900, 0888434181 or e-mail:
The deadline for making a confirmation of the order is about 3 months and for laden production there is a possibility of further delay.
Once the order is sent, the status is changed to DELIVERED.
Orders received on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, as well as HOLIDAYS, are processed on the first business day.
Orders received without the buyer's correct or missing data are canceled because they are incomplete and their status is changed to REJECTED.
An order that can not be confirmed by phone or e-mail by an employee within 24 hours after being received on the site changes to STATUS UNTIL. After 24 hours, if there is no contact with the buyer, the status changes to REFUSAL and is therefore not sent.
The delivery of the order is at the expense of the client, except in the case of a minimum order of 100 / cent / BGN.
In this case the delivery is free through Bulgarian Posts within the Republic of Bulgaria.
The customer receives the goods from a branch of Bulgarian Posts at a selected option: "Free delivery" subject to the above conditions or through a courier company employee.
The delivery period for courier shipments is 1-2 business days,
and posting on Bulgarian Post with the option "Free Delivery" is against the schedule of the company and does not apply to bulk shipments.
The delivery is at the expense of the customer and is not included in the price of the items.
Because Melli-M Ltd. is a producer of the products offered in its electronic store.
The deadline for making a confirmation of the order is about 3 months and for laden production there is a possibility of further delay.
In case of untimely delivery, Meli-M Ltd. owes no penalty to the customer and he in turn reserves the right to cancel the order after the expiry of the specified term by the producer.
The terms of order, delivery and payment comply with the conditions set forth in the Consumer Protection Act.
The order is an act of action that the user makes freely, by his own choosing, and binds with the power of a contract between the consumer and the online shop of Fashion House MISS MATCH / Meli-M Ltd. /
Any personal information provided by the user or person using the free access site will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and its provision by the user is entirely voluntary.
Cancellation policy
Meli-M Ltd. complies with statutory regulations and requirements, and allows for the rejection of an order through its e-shop:
Opportunity to cancel: Order can be declined without mentioning the reason for this.
Duration of Cardholder (Customer) Can Deny Quotation: 24 hours
Upon expiration of the stated deadline for declining an order through the online shop, the order is deemed accepted and processed. It should be borne in mind that the proposed assortment on the company's website http: // is a contract production, ie. the articles are produced specially according to the specified sizes and individual requirements of the client and according to Art. 57, para 3 of the PPA for the orders placed by clients on the website of Meli-M Ltd. does not apply The provisions of Art. 50 - 56 of the PPS for the right of withdrawal of the consumer from the distance or off-premises contract.
How to cancel: Order can be denied by email to the e-mails listed on the site: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Cancellation by phone is not accepted. The customer is required to provide his / her names, the order amount and the order number. It is imperative that the claim form be filled in correctly, indicating the exact reason for canceling an order.
2. Return policy for returned products
Melli-M Ltd. is a manufacturer of the clothes that it offers in its electronic shop and the same is produced according to the individual requirements of the customer. When executing the order, the customer should comply with and expressly specify his / her requirements regarding: type of article, size, etc. Once the order has been completed and the 24-hour withdrawal period expires, the order is processed and the garment is produced entirely according to the customer's requirements specified in the order itself. In this sense, the clothing orders made through the e-shop http: //www.nosii.comas for custom clothing and for them shall not be subject to the provisions of Articles 50-56 of the CPA for exercising the consumer's right to unlock the contract from a distance or of the off-premises contract.
Goods to be returned: shoes, sneakers, socks, pendants, bats, pon-pony.
Return Conditions: The product can only be returned if it is not worn / used, undamaged / undamaged and intact, as is the label of the manufacturer. The return should be accompanied by a blank "REPLACE BLACK".
Ways of returning the goods: The return of the goods can only be made by courier company M & BM Express.
The cost of returning the goods is at the expense of the customer.
For incorrect shipments Meli-M Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the respective shipment.
Return period: 14 days from date of delivery;
In the event of a return of goods and a claim by the customer, he is obliged to call the phone numbers listed below by Meli-M Ltd. - 032/940578 or 0888/299900 and to indicate the invoice number for the purchase of the goods.
The operator shall indicate the address at which the customer returns the goods. The return can be made only on working days between 10: 00-17: 00. The cost of delivery of the returned goods is at the expense of the customer.
Requirements for the product: The product is not worn, scratched, prank, hungry, cut, dirty and has not damaged its integrity and is packed in an envelope of the Courier Company, with the original Order Order attached.
3. Refund:
The refund for a purchased product is made after the return of the returned item and after we have checked in its entirety! Repayment is only made by bank transfer within 14 days of the date of receipt of the returned product and the returned return form of the item-
Courier costs for returning goods are at the expense of the Customer.
Consignments sent with a "paid" payment method will not be accepted.
4. Terms of replacement of goods ordered by the cardholder:
If the trader is unable to provide the cardholder with a product or service he has ordered, the latter may offer an alternative one;
In case of disagreement, the trader should re-establish the value of the cardholder's non-delivered goods. The refund is 14 days.
For the purposes of these terms and conditions, "user" is anyone who accesses the Internet via the Internet at (""). is owned by Melli-M Ltd., represented by: Nikolay Vikiev; UIC: 115892855, with headquarters in Plovdiv and address for correspondence: Plovdiv, 4003, 3 Ivan Arabadzhiyata Str., 2
5. "Meli-M" Ltd. reserves the right to change the general conditions without informing its clients.